Friday, July 31, 2009

Kid locked in attic

There is so much wrong in this story that I can't even begin to sort it all out.

The only quote I will put up is:
He said his daughter was raised in Lowell and is unemployed. She has been abandoned by the fathers of her boys, he said, and only has contact with the father of the girl.
This woman has three sons and a daughter and this quote says "fathers" of the sons and "father" of the girl?
The story of this woman's life seems to validate everything I have read or written from the men's activist blog sites I visit (Look for them to the right -------------->).
Its just too much of a cliche to contemplate.

YOU GO Arnold!!! But will it be enough?

So apparently Gov. Arnold is cutting California's domestic violence spending to ZERO, nilch, nixt, nine, none thats like less than a dollar. Ok this is government we are speaking of so zero could actually mean 20 million lol.
Just as I predicted a few months ago California is the first to actually cut DV out totally although a few other DV programs have been cut and closed here and there like in Chicago.

And of course here is the first of the fit throwing:

Our nation is horrified by the rapes of refugee women in Darfur and the cruel abandonment of Katrina's survivors left standing on a bridge, and we should be equally outraged that the state of California is abandoning the tens of thousands of fragile and wounded women and children who rely for their safety and future on the services and referrals provided by the shelters and centers. We must work with California's political leadership to remedy this situation and also stand firm so that the governor's cutting tool doesn't continue a swath across our whole country.
Tens of thousands? So there are tens of thousands of domestic violence women and children in California? Since men don't count and don't even come into this protest article they can't count them in. Tens of thousands of actual proven domestic violence victims? I serriously doubt that.
Of course the writer needs to appeal to the "protective man" syndrome and has to mention natural disasters and alledged rape in another country and continent to appeal to this emotion.
On the plus side if California is really spending zero on DV now it is the first time that a true gender equality has been introduced to domestic violence in this country.
I can't say lets hope this is a good start because as I mentioned it isn't just a start. It is a victory if it holds and damned nice continuation of the start. Of course the DV clinics in California will still have federal funding but you know the directors and such won't take a pay cut so this may spawn a closer look at what they do and force them to report and justify their funding.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awww Poor Little Gurls Go to Jail

I had to post a link to this article I read over at

Apparently these two British women (who just graduated from LAW school) Tried to pull an insurance/theft scam in Rio.

The local cops down that way, not giving the automatic pussy pass for white entitlement princesses like Western European cultures do searched the girls locker and low and behold the "stolen" items were recovered.
OMG where did those come from... we are so happy can we kiss you Mr. Policeman? /blinks eyelashes.....
OK added that part in :)
Now they:
The Brazilian lawyer representing the two, Renato Tonini, told the G1 news website his clients had been sleeping on the floor in a corridor of Rio's Mesquita jail since their detention on Monday because all the beds were occupied
Poor little girls.... LOL I bet they don't want to sleep in a crowded cell anyway they might get a real cultural taste of the local population.
Ms Andrews's mother, Simone Headley, told reporters on Tuesday in front of her home in Kent, south-east of London, that the jailed pair were "incredibly distressed
They are looking at 1 to 5 years. I hope we will be able to keep up with this case and see what happens in the end.
My bet is the British government will get them off.
I guess all that law school education didn't sink in.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feminist' Hopes for Obama-care: Sex, Abortion and Money

As I have been saying for weeks now one of the first things feminist will make sure of is that women pay the same amount as men for any government controlled health insurance. Of course it is unreasonable that women should have to pay more even though they go to the doctor more often. Yet men should still have to pay more for car and life insurance, cause well you know, men deserve to pay more. Well this article shows that I at least called that card a club.
Interestingly enough all the other issues are about sex, about 100 ways to establish a woman's right to an abortion at any time, place, or condition and then more sexual freedom.
I am seriously surprised there isn't something in this wishlist for free domestic violence something except I guess they already have that. Still I would have thought they would have gotten something else thrown in there for domestic violence.
The part that is especially eye opening is the part about making it mandatory for all doctors, clinics, hospitals etc to perform abortions.

So now feminist wish to force men and women who are morally opposed to abortion to have to perform them anyway. I assume this would also make a pharmacy carry and sell contraceptives and day after pills as well even in highly religious areas. They try to word this as only effecting contraceptives and rape victims but what is being pushed in the bill covers abortions for all women not just rape victims. It is interesting to note that the author skirts this issue and mentions contraceptives for rape victims as in the morning after pill but the wording on this will open it up to all abortions.
Guess we will have an even longer wait for healthcare reform if all the catholic doctors, nurses and hospitals close down.
I am also sure they will manage to get abortions paid for by the government as well.
Admitedly this wishlist is what planned parenthood is currently only lobbying for but a large part of it has been announced in other media coverage as being in at least one of the bills shuffling around.
I only hope the American people wake up and kill this bill before the legislators go back in September.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Boys falling behind in school

This article which I picked up from

Goes right along with my post a few days ago about how boys are not allowed to be boys and how it effects them.
Starts by following an all boys class taught by a Mr. Mealey. So far the class has just made it from the first grade but my hat is off to this teacher and school for finally admiting there is a problem and doing something about it.
A few interesting quotes:
Boys' reading and writing test scores continue to lag behind girls', while girls have caught up to boys in math. Check out the names of the top graduates at your local high school — chances are an overwhelming majority are girls. Girls are more likely than boys to get a high school diploma in four years, and they outnumber guys 3 to 2 on Minnesota's college campuses.
Or this one.
"To attempt even to talk about the ways boys can be disadvantaged will upset some people," said Sax, who heads the Pennsylvania-based National Association for Single Sex Public Education. "If you suggest such a thing, you are considered an idiot, a Republican or both. And I have been called all of the above
Ya who does it upset? Why feminist of course. It isn't enough they have taken over in almost every area of life, changed the laws to their advantage. No this shows just how un-human these women are that they won't even spare an once of anything for even children.
A 2008 report from the American Association of University Women presents the opposite side of the argument, arguing there is no crisis in boys' achievement.
"We don't see this crisis with boys, at least when it comes to test scores and high school and college graduation rates," said Christianne Corbett, an AAUW research associate and one of the report's authors
What?!!!!! Two thirds of college attendees are women and there isn't a problem in the feminist equality doctrine? Well of course not because it isn't about equality it is about female dominance so of course there isn't a problem to them.
This is another article that drives home to me that there can be no working together with these women and manginas.
The charts at the bottom of the article are also pretty telling and there are some good comments as well.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Montana, Tenn. which state(s) are next?

Back in May Montana passed House Bill number 246 which in a nut shell refuses to acknowledge the federal governments gun laws and regulations and sets its own standards for weapons produced, sold and used within the state.
Recently Tennessee passed a similar bill and the ATF has sent out a letter to gun dealers of each state ordering them to ignore the state laws and to follow the ATF's federal and un-constitutional rules and regulations.

The Texas legislation apparently didn't make it to a vote this term but several people have hopes for it in the next session. The list of other states seriously thinking about similar legislation is already pretty long and growing with Alaska, Minn., and South Carolina currently having bills in the house and 11 other states with strong support for such legislation.

What does all this mean? Well as I have written in this blog numerous times I feel feminism, liberalism, and the over-reaching of the federal government to be connected in more than just a left leaning party way. Gun control and the loss of states rights is an issue that feminist groups strongly support as they know only through large government can their agenda be passed without close scrutiny.
To this end I strongly suggest any mens activist support stronger state government and individual rights and freedoms. If you live in one of the states supporting such moves throw your voice in with that support and lets get big federal government out of our houses, bedrooms and personal lives.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Have little boys changed?

I read this article earlier today:

I must say the female author has her mind in the right area. I could remember my childhood in the late 60's and 70's vividly as she talked about army men with homemade parachutes, forts and base jumping into snow.

But as I continued on I also remembered my teenage years. I remember at 13 during the Summer packing a lunch and heading out 15 miles away to go fishing all day. I remember rolling our farm truck off a sharp gravel road turn into a neighbors bean field at 14. I remember holloween nights when we stayed out until midnight daring each other to run through the towns graveyard. I remember taking my rifle to school and leaving it in a friends truck (he was 16 I was 15) and carrying my buck knife on my belt all day while attending classes so we could go out deer hunting after school.
And then I think about today.
I remember the first day care I took my son to almost 14 years ago that would not allow any type of military toy period but had a huge selection of dolls. I remember my son being sent home from second grade because he had mad a toy gun out of a bread roll during lunch period. I remember removing every gun I owned out of my house and into my dad's place because the school and social services "suggested" I not have any in my house since my son had been sent home for making a bread gun (see above).
I also think what would these same social services do if my son rolled my farm truck last year when he was 14? What would they do to him now if he took his rifle to school to go deer hunting afterwards? I already know about the knife, my son was expelled from his 7th grade year because he had a folding pocket knife on him. The whole year for a 2 inch blade.
Last Fall I took my son to a movie on halloween. He hasn't done any trick or treating of course since he was like 11. The streets even in the small town close to us were totally empty the grave yard silent.
My son wanted a dirt bike of his own last year, I had to tell him no. When we go out to cut wood (one frequent ritual from my childhood that still gets done today) he loads away like I did at his age but I shy away from letting him run the saw. At his age I could drop a tree anywhere I wanted and cut it up one handed yet today its too risky to teach him.
Maybe boys are still boys but its been my experience that the activities of a young teenager for the passage into manhood are just not "allowed" like they used to be. The tolerance just isn't there and the "cost" is too high.
Let our boys be boys and let our teenagers become men we may need them to be sometime.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Single men benefit from Feminism in long term health?

So according to this article:
Single men who have never been married are now approaching the life expectancy of their married counterparts.
During the past 30 years, the self-rated health of never-marrieds, both men and women, has improved. Never-married men have steadily reported better health and now report health approaching that of their married peers
Hmmmm this is interesting. One possible reason is quoted below.
One reason for the trend, according to the study, is that today's society might offer never-married men "greater access to social resources and support" that were in the past primarily found in a spouse. These may include larger pools of never-married people, potentially offering larger groups of friends
Or perhaps one reason might be that men are not working their asses off constantly now to support women and children and therefore have more time and resources to commit to their own health.

I believe we are seeing the beginnings of the Roman bachelor problem now. I just wish I was about 20 years younger so I will be around when this all hits the proverbial fan.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Article on the HE-Cession

Interesting article about how white men have taken the lead in unemployment in Georgia.
What I found very telling is after the writer goes to all his trouble showing that white men are the largest single group of unemployed workers he ends with this quote.
He (someone named Thurmond) encouraged state two- and four-year colleges to increase efforts to recruit minority males. Labor officials will examine ways to retrain jobless workers and encourage them to examine nontraditional careers
I really had hoped to stay completely away from race issues on this blog but it appears I will not be able to. So white males make up the largest unemployed group now but colleges are being asked to target minority males? How is this right?

Just more of the same ol same ol attacks against the white male demons I guess.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In 45 Years Not one white Christian Man

In 45 years of political nominations for the supreme court democrats have not once nominated a white christian man. In fact they have fought tooth and nail to discredit and denounce any man who has been nominated by republicans.
Here is an opinion article about on it:
Pretty telling stuff and an obvious exposure of why the rights of men of all races have been attacked repeatedly by these leftist democrats. This sexism pushes beyond race and hurts all men as the one sure way to attack the white man.
Mr. Buchanan writes that it is against seemingly white christians, but I submit that the real target is simply men. Being white and to a lesser degree christian just makes for an easier target by playing the race and religion cards they still manage to target men in more of the blast radius than women.
It is time to ask these liberals why they are so racist, sexist, and bigoted.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

WTF is up with the captured US Soldier?


OK I am not going to post a link to the video of PFC Bergdahl there is a link from the AP article I linked below.

This story stinks to high heaven.

WTF ever happened to name, rank and serial number?
A captured US Soldier should be ashamed of himself being video taped saying such things about his country, his branch of the military and his countrymen.
OK so I was never captured by terrorists while I served in the Army, but OMG does no one else think its interesting this young man is saying the things he is on this video clip?
Am I wrong here? This just doesn't seem to add up for me.

Funny this one is automatically labled Domestic Violence

This is a horrific crime to say the least.
But note this crime is labled off the bat as being "Domestic" even before all the facts are known.
I wonder if anyone will point out that maybe if this woman had used a little more caution or perhaps not started dating a much younger man this wouldn't have happened and 5 lives might have been saved? Of course they won't and they shouldn't the act of murder is abhorrent and no ones but this mans fault.
No unlike McNair who "should have kept it in his pants" and gets blamed for his own murder this woman is completely in her rights to date a man at least 8 years her junior and have a child with him when he is 26. I would be willing to bet a few hundred dollars since he is a dry wall hanger and more than likely out of a job she is done with him and expects him to pay totally over the top child support now as well.

We will see when they fill in the blanks if they bother to report his full motive anyway.
When a man resorts to violence it is domestic and he is at fault, when a woman does the same thing the man should have known better.
What a double standard.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Way OFF Blog Theme - Harry Potter 6 SUCKS!!!

OK ya I have read all the books I admit it and I loved them I will admit that too.
But the "Half Blood Prince" Movie Sucks rocks bad.
I don't think the script writers or the director even read the book. I think they read a very short cliff notes version and then just re-wrote every scene anyway.
I can't even go into all the BAD in this movie, Nothing connected together, it didn't flow it was like a 2 and half hour trailer of disconnected scenes.
Ginny is turning out reasonably hot though.
I wouldn't waste time going to see it.
Otherwise have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

You kinda do have to give Ruth Madoff credit

I never really thought about it until I read this opinion article:
I mean I really at first wanted to blame this woman as much as the victims of her husband are blaming her. I wanted to see the rich snob woman ont he streets homeless as some sort of retaliation.
Yet this Maggie Gallagher does have a point in this quote.
It was the moment I realized that Ruth could -- with one decision -- make this all go away. All she'd have to do is divorce Bernie. Go on "Oprah" and emote about the victims. Share her raw emotions. Express meaningless sympathy. Publicly condemn her ex. Write a tell-all book about how women need to stay on top of the family finances. She'd be a modern-day heroine.
I would even take it further that all this woman would have to do is say that ol' Bernie had threatened her and slapped her around a bit and feminists everywhere would be screaming for her to have all the money stolen from men as "support".
Of course there is nothing saying she may not do something like this in the future, but for now she seems to be taking it and hasn't spoken out against her husband.
Maybe there is something about women born before feminism tainted them after all.

Not the Father..... Jailed anyway

This story doesn't surprise me:

So in 2001 they find out after the second DNA test proves he is not the father and the courts still require him to pay back child support.

Not only is this story insane and a clear violation of a persons rights, but to then acknowledge that this man has no relationship to someone and must still pay?
And why wouldn't the woman who received the support be ordered to pay back the support she got and be penalized for giving false information?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 Rules for young guys dating cougars

Recently over at Novaseekers site we had a lively discussion on what young men want in a relationship. Its a good read I would suggest everyone go take a look. Anyway one poster mentioned how he felt the older guys (we took that as 40+) don't look out for the younger guys these days and I can see his point.
To that end I am gonna start giving advice here every so often, words of wisdom if you will that I have picked up over the years.
So here is the first for young guys dating cougars, which I suggest all young men should try a few times until they find a real woman closer to a reasonable age and without the warpaint in the cracks.
1. Always play naive with a cougar. Do not try and act worldly. These women will respond to a crude opening line but then back way off they want to feel like they are the predator and you are the unsuspecting prey. The more innocent you appear the more agressive they will be thereby increasing your work to pleasure pay out. After the opening line they will feel it is their duty to break you in right.
2. When you get them in bed DO NOT try and hold off like some sex god. No thinking about baseball or world of warcraft talent specs. Just pop off pretty fast then tell them they are so HAWT you couldn't help yourself. Trust me here they will love you forever especially if you can manage to get excited for them again in about 10 minutes or so. If they are nice looking this shouldn't be too much of an issue but if they aren't "all that and a bag of fritos" well then the first comment will still keep them happy for a while and allow you to fall asleep.
3. During the pre-talk discussion work a few comments in about how young women refuse to or can't seem to give head worth a damn maybe even take the stance that no woman has ever even blessed you with such an act. It will almost assure you of some oral action in about 2 minutes flat once your alone with them. Usually of course these women are not very good at it either but never hurts to find out.
4. If they have large breasts and are wearing thin clothing then its a good bet they got some older guy to buy them for her. This is a good thing!!!! These women will always show them at the drop of a hat so do not hesitate to comment on them. Hey they worked hard to pay for these plastic boobs (usually in trade) and they are gonna get every penny out of them. Hum the barbie song when they flash them it helps put it in context.
5. If they have large breasts and are wearing heavy clothing or showing little cleavage then all bets are on naturally large hooters. OK warning going in, expect some sag but these women are usually more appreciative of younger guys so if you can bear it go for it. Once you start undressing them make it a point of kissing the stretch marks you will find. Women like these who can't handle the fact they are getting old have secret fantasies of young men kissing their stretch marks.
6. Do not look at the cougar's super hot young girl friends she tries to hang with. Even when one of these girls tries and gets your attention to make the old has been cougar feel bad just blow the young chick off. After all your goal is to get laid with minimum trouble and this is a sure way to get in the old chicks pants.
7. Women like these cougars have already managed to find, marry and divorce some other poor un-suspecting guy so they really don't care what you do for a living or how much money you make they already have an ATM. However if they do start to ask about your job or income remember this simple rule. Take the normal salary for the average worker in your area and add 10% then subtract 20% of that total for each year you think you are younger than the cougar. If you get to zero or negative numbers it doesn't matter anyway so just tell them you are in law school. If you don't make it to a negative number tell them your father left you a small trust fund.
8. Whatever you do during opening conversation do not mention your mother in any ANY context. Certainly do not say your mother has the same kind of car as they do or hair color or anything like that. Mentioning you have a mother is about the only thing that might send these cougars packing.
9. Do mention you have a girl friend even if you don't and do make sure that you somehow make these cougars think that girl friend is young. If they think they are getting over on some young girl they will start moistening right there on the spot.

10. When she gets you home do not look at her daughter, do not speak to her daughter more than saying hi if she introduces you. When she asks what you thought of her daughter say something like she reminded you of her without the extra sexiness of experience or some such bullshit. Later you can enjoy flirting with her daughter (provided she is over 18 of course) when the cougar isn't around.
If you follow even half of these rules you should have no trouble.
Its kinda sad that most Western women have fallen to such shallow acts as they have to keep their lagging self esteem up but I am to the point I really don't care about Western women and need to start helping the younger men.
To that end my advice to you young guys is use these middle age crones until you find something better. Hey its what the women are doing these days so until we can finally get some equality in the courts, government and social spending at least some men should make use of this time and with the cougars you don't have to act like a drug dealer or thug to get somewhere.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Clear Politics does an article on the He-cession!!!

I so totally can't believe today.
First two count them TWO articles from Science which helped promote men's issues and then this from Real Clear politics:

Maybe now some of the national talk show hosts and such will begin to take note and discuss these issues instead of cowering from the female radical feminist bloc like schoolboys smoking behind the gym.

I have sent emails to at least a dozen radio and TV hosts who attack the stimulus spending daily asking why they don't bring the issue of how it was divided by gender up to no avail.
My hat is off to David Kuhn and to Real Clear Politics....

Live Science two interesting articles

One on economics and how it is effecting men more in stress levels:

And one on Boys performance in schools:
Each of these articles are worth reading. The comments after them are somewhat informative as well with a wide range of comments. Some stereotypical some not.
One of the only ways the mens movement can fight back these days is through the sciences side of things since it can't be attacked and removed as sexism towards women when presented in raw stats or as a study.

At least I think these two articles give some press to the problem and may open some eyes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Constitutional Rights for a Terrorist?

Taking a slight break from posting about the evils of feminism today.
I read this article earlier:
This article insults the American people and the Constitution on so many levels it boggles the mind. To even mention a hero like George Washington in the same article as that racist Holder is just a start.
To liken islamic terrorists to being treated like uniformed British Soldiers from the age of reason (An age we certainly are not in any longer) is just total insanity. To imply that these very same terrorists should have the luxury of the Constitution which they attack is madness I cannot even fathom. Like something as evil as terrorism could even have been thought of by the founding fathers.
To allow an Attorney General of the United States to stay in office after he shows blatant racism and scoffs at the Constitution by allowing CONVICTED poll disrupters to walk free because of their race and membership in a racial hate group is craziness so complete it can only come from radical left-wing backing.
That these same leftists can talk about upholding the Constitution that they violate in everyway with their hate crimes legislation, gun controls, federal control, special rights for women, quotas etc is just down right insulting.
I wasn't a huge supporter of the Bush/Cheney administration, but if any part of the U.S. government goes after a past President or administration member over the "rights" of a terrorist then I know who I will be defending.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Man Jailed for 14 years over divorce case

I simply cannot believe this story.

The judge in his case ruled that he was hiding 2.5 Million dollars and sentenced him to rot in jail until he turned the money over.

Apparently the ex-wife managed just fine without that extra 2.5 million for 14 years.

I don't know anything else about this case but if the man was able to make enough money to hide 2.5 million of it I seriously doubt he would have stayed in jail 14 years for it. With that kind of money making ability I am sure he could have made it all back in under 14 years so I tend to believe the guy didn't have it.
If he did have it hidden then by giving up 14 years of his life to prove a point for men everywhere and for not giving in I say HUZZAH SIR!!!!
Not that I know if he was trying to be a poster child for men's rights, but if he did have it he was holding out for his own rights and we need more men like him.

Liberal Leftist Femi-nazi columnist even turns race into man bashing

So this article by Allison Kilkenny about the 60 or so black children asked to leave a private club's swimming pool after they made some arrangement with the club manager to swim there once a week is very telling of how feminist will turn anything into male bashing.

She spouts off all kinds of instances of racial and gender based bans by clubs from several different areas of the country starting from the 1960's. She then lays in several quotes from various male managers of those clubs saying they can ban whoever they feel like.
Heres one quote from her article:
Back in 1992, Bill Clinton was accused of attending an all-white private golf club, though Mark Grobmeyer, the Little Rock lawyer who played at the club with Clinton, denied there was a "no blacks" policy. Why were there no black players then? Mr. Grobmeyer replied, "None have applied."
I love this quote as it seems saying none have applied is as bad as saying "we hate everyone but white men" to her yet did Miss(Mrs) Kilkenny say a word about the exact same statement being made by Justice hopeful Sotomayor last month when speaking on her membership in a woman's only club? I would put my retirement account on NO.
Does Ms. (we will settle for that title) Kilkenny mention that the manager of said club which asked the children to leave was in fact a woman? Of course not.
Did Ms. Kilkenny mention the attack and beating of a white family in Ohio just last week? Nope.
Are any men (white or otherwise) even mentioned in this altercation of the pool and club in Philadelphia? Not that I have read so far.

But yet this is all about white male's and their oppression of everyone else around them.
Get a life Ms. Kilkenny and stop blaming men just cause your vibrator batteries died.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So much for Female empathy

This interview with justice Ginsburg is perhaps one of the most telling I have read showing pro-female bias and a lack of anything even approaching empathy or concern for male views or emotions. OK there is one comment that has some color of empathy for males in it listed below.
A couple of times justice Ginsburg even mentions women's feelings about some cases. One that stands out is a comment on the recent strip search case about girls and boys feeling different about it (also quoted below).
Other quotes of note were:
Q: Do you have a sense of what that would be like to actually work on and how it would be different? (Asking about a court with 5, 6 or 7 female justices)

JUSTICE GINSBURG: The work would not be any easier. Some of the amenities might improve.
Ya I bet they would improve, the way women in power like to pamper themselves.
Q: Do you think that some of the discrimination cases might turn out differently?
JUSTICE GINSBURG: I think for the most part, yes. I would suspect that, because the women will relate to their own experiences.
May I please never live to see that day.
JUSTICE GINSBURG: I think it makes people stop and think, Maybe a 13-year-old girl is different from a 13-year-old boy in terms of how humiliating it is to be seen undressed. I think many of [the male justices] first thought of their own reaction. It came out in various questions. You change your clothes in the gym, what’s the big deal?
Hmmmm even if the search is done with female only officials? Interesting how would that be different than a boy being strip searched? I see no reason why it should under the feminist doctrine of nurture over nature.
They were held back by a way of looking at the world in which a man who wasn’t married simply was not responsible. There must have been so many repetitions of Madame Butterfly in World War II. And for Justice Stevens [who voted with the majority], that was part of his experience. I think that’s going to be over in the next generation, these kinds of rulings.
The one thing she said that I can actually agree with and applaud her for.
Q: The case ties together themes of women’s equality and reproductive freedom. The court split those themes apart in Roe v. Wade. Do you see, as part of a future feminist legal wish list, repositioning Roe so that the right to abortion is rooted in the constitutional promise of sex equality?
JUSTICE GINSBURG: Oh, yes. I think it will be.
All I can say is EEEEEEEEP!
Q: When you say that reproductive rights need to be straightened out, what do you mean?
JUSTICE GINSBURG: The basic thing is that the government has no business making that choice for a woman.
But By God every woman shall make this choice for a man, his opinion has NO weight.
JUSTICE GINSBURG: The poor little woman, to regret the choice that she made. Unfortunately there is something of that in Roe. It’s not about the women alone. It’s the women in consultation with her doctor. So the view you get is the tall doctor and the little woman who needs him.
But again the MAN has no place here....
Q: In the 1980s, you wrote about how while the sphere for women has widened to include more work, men haven’t taken on as much domestic responsibility. Do you think that things are beginning to change?

JUSTICE GINSBURG: That’s going to take time, changing that kind of culture. But looking at my own family, my daughter Jane teaches at Columbia, she travels all over the world, and she has the most outstanding supportive husband who certainly carries his fair share of the load. Although their division of labor is different than mine and my husband’s, because my daughter is a super cook
I guess when it might be taken as something positive about men justice Ginsburg's "personal expierences" have no weight. Despite her daughters marriage to a kitchen bitch men in general are still pigs to her eyes and across the country don't do any domestic work.
The one good thing about the interview in my opinion is that justice Ginsburg is 72 years old. I just hope she waits till 2013 to retire though or we will just get more of the same from our mangina President Obama.

How do we get through to these people?

Well not much to write about in the news the last few days so I guess its time for another observation post.

I spent most of the day Wednesday with a group of 6 old retired guys. Now I am not gonna knock their age as it ranged from like 65 to 70 I can't say much as of course they are our future. Yet I noticed a disturbing trend among them.
Several years ago I had gotten behind in my child support. Not from lack of payment from the fact I had switched jobs and the state CSE didn't start taking it out despite the fact I sent in payments (Never credited to my account) and sent change of employment notification. I quickly got about 4000 bucks behind.
Not being stupid enough to hand my ex any real money or send in payments with money orders (the receipts saved my ASS I might add) that seemed to disappear I opened up a seperate savings account and deposited the monthly sum there. Anyway to make a long story short after about two years they did indeed come looking for me and the only thing that saved me were the receipts from payments made and never credited and the fact that I had the money ready to give it up. Of course the interest didn't even begin to pay the lawyer fee and it is still interesting to note that my EX is now more than 10 times further behind then I ever was and yet nothing has been done.
why is this story important? Well it showed me just how out of touch my father had become. While talking about the charges and my legal bills my father who is not a stupid man made the comment that I should just show up without a lawyer because of my low paying job I would be assigned one. I can only assume he still thinks we are in the 1960's when constitutional rights still mattered. While in court I saw the judge proclaim several people able to pay for a lawyer based on the fact they had had a job within the last 3 years and had no disability. So I conclude court appointed lawyers are long a thing of the past yet me father had no clue and didn't believe me when I pointed it out.
I got the same response from the other men yesterday. Not about that issue but issues on domestic violence, child support, you name it. None of these guys realize how these issues effect younger men and they cannot even fathom the lengths some of these have gone to. One man in particular, a retired lutheran school principal, couldn;t even believe the latest percentages of women vs. men in college. He was sure in his own mind more men went to college than women and was still certain as well men make more money then women.

This is the underlying problem we as anti-feminists face. Men in general fail to see an issue that does not effect them directly. I understand how these gentlemen can still be living with 1960's attitudes. They have never really had to face being constantly passed over because management is afraid a woman might complain, they never had to pay crippeling child support or alimony. Hell my father paid something like 100.00 a month back in the 70's and if he missed a month he doubled the next month to make up and my mother back then just put it all in my savings account until I finally told my dad to stop sending it because I had a job when I was 16 years old. No courts and no one cared and my mother did not see it as her payment anyway.
Most of these men have been married to one woman for almost 50 years and have no clue. A few had daughters so of course they are all for any pro-female actions.
The day left me slightly down trodden as I see no way to get through to men like these nor anyway to get through to the millions of men who are (in their minds) happily married for the moment. Until we find a way to get these issues out in the open men will continue to hide their heads in the sand and err to the side of chivalry.
Even right wing journalists like Fox news almost daily have politicians and others asking where did the stimulus money go. Yet not one person has brought up the gender gap in how that money was appropriated.
HOW do WE get Through to THESE People?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Women's programs closing

This article from "Woman's eNews":
Details some closings and funding cuts for several women's groups and programs around the country. Some started as early as 2007 it seems. I seriously hope we see more of these as the down turn catches upto the leftist and feminist spending spree of the last 30 years or so.
A few interesting quotes:
More men got laid off than women, so women are 'bringing home the bacon,'" she said.
As more women provide the bulk of household income, Coffey says this raises classic issues for women's commissions: equal pay, childcare, and maternity-family benefits
First off I have to give them credit they are openly admiting that more men than women have been effected by the He-cession, yet they are now using this as an argument to defend spending for women's programs. Ahhh well that figures. I bet they will pushing 4 day work weeks and less hours like that "woman-omics" book was pushing a few months ago.
"Women are not being put into the lifeboat first, they're being thrown overboard," he said. "How shortsighted and stupid do we have to collectively be to stop funding women's commissions, the only access, voice and power in government for girls and women, when issues of gender inequality still require far more federal government attention?"
Ahhhhmmmm OK. This statement was from some mangina named Jack Tucker, a lawyer and founder of a woman's rights group in New York.
Wouldn't the whole women and children first cliche be insulting to feminist? I guess like divorce laws and such it's only insulting until they can use it for their own benefit.
Kitty Kunz, president of the Idaho State Women's Commission, said her commission's closure was pushed by state Sen. Joyce Broadsword, who believes women no longer need special political representation or assistance
Sen. Joyce Broadsword!!!! I love the name and kuddos to you!!!!

I take this whole thing as a good sign. Perhaps simple economics will return some balance to a country sorely in need of justice.

At least it gives me some hope.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Breast feeding drunk

Here is a classy story:

You may have seen this in the news last week. The woman in question called the police saying her boyfriend beat her. According to the story the boyfriend hasn't been arrested yet and wasn't there but the police arrested the woman because she was drunk and breast feeding her 6 week old baby.
Now some female activists are coming to her defense.
"Since when is breast-feeding while drunk a crime?" said Dr. Amy Tuteur, a retired obstetrician and gynecologist in Boston who has been following the case on her Web site, the Skeptical OB.
If the 26-year-old woman had been bottle-feeding her baby, "no one would have bothered to check what was in the bottle," Tuteur said. "You can do a lot more damage by mixing formula wrong."
Now correct me if I am wrong as it has been a few years since my college psych class but doesn't alcohol pass through the body of the imbiber? As I understood it it basically goes everywhere as it is lighter than water and the only organ that traps it is the liver. So wouldn't this alcohol be flowing into the baby fromt he mother?
We won't go into the parenting while drunk issue here, but should'nt the father have some say in what is consumed and passed on to his child as well?

Unless I am wrong about how alcohol travels through the body I cannot see how anyone could defend drinking and breast feeding but I am sure the female activists will twist it around to defend it and more than likely get money for it too.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Feminist article about men not being men

Well sort of.
Basically the same thing we seem to be seeing more and more as these feminist hoes get older and start seeing their lives of being too old to breed laying out in front of them.
Men have been repositioned and don't know where they really belong or what they should be doing. Men are afraid to perform "acts of chivalry" Yadda yadda yadda.
What struck me most about this article is not the article itself but the comments after the article.
These posts from someone named RD were funny and telling. Not sure if this person has visited this site but I would vote for him as an "official hero" of men.
In response to those are some really interesting questions you are asking. You had me laughing out loud for a sec, but then I had to step back and he serious on some of these??Wonderful article! I love it!"

Yes, I'm serious.A relationship is a two way street and women have as much responsibility for making it work as men.There is a common assumption that men are always the bad guys, that men need to get their act right but that women have no need for improvement.Men are generally considered to be selfish and dangerous and women gentle, nurturing and caring while children in America are in far more danger of being murdered by their mothers than by their fathers.Women cheat on their boyfriends and husbands at a rate that may equal a man's cheating.Women also abandon their children, many women do not work while the man works two or more jobs to support the family.It was men who died in cave-ins and explosions in the coal mines and spent the latter days of their lives unable to lift a fork to their lips due to the black lung they suffered from inhaling the coal dust; all in support of their families.It was men during the great depression who hopped the freight trains and slept in the cold on strange city streets moving form city to city searching for work to support their families.Until just recently it was (and mostly still is) men who were sent to the battlefields to be shot and have their limbs blown off with many suffering the humiliation and hurt of receiving the "Dear John Letter" from wives and girlfriends back home who had found new boyfriends among the men who did not have to go to war.During a divorce it is nearly always assumed by the courts that the children are better off with the mothers no matter how bad the mother actually is and I've seen untold numbers of men whose lives and relationships with their children were destroyed by selfish and self serving women who decided they didn't need the man anymore and who received everything in the settlement.Men get a bum rap and frankly I do get tired of the poor, innocent, noble abused little woman and men are dogs routine.Maybe some of those men would feel it was worth going to a job everyday if shawty had a bit more respect and treated him as though his needs mattered as much as hers.Maybe if she was a good woman he would be a good man.Or maybe both of them are jerks.But its always easier and more convenient to blame it all on the man.It just gets tiresome.
And here is another one:
“Very well said RD!!”
Thanks, but a bit overdone maybe.I actually respect Ms. Stout and enjoy her articles.This just struck a nerve for some reason.But Rudyard Kipling was right about the female of the species in my opinion.Take the female Praying Mantis for instance.She’s an insect feminist and eats the head off her mate.I don’t know why.Just to prove she can I suspect.And she raises little feminist females who set around begging “Mommy, Mommy, tell us the part about eating Daddy’s head again…that is sooooo cool!”Brutal little creatures they are.And the Black Widow spider eats her mate as well.Poor guy, there he is running about minding his own business, not bothering a soul until she shows up, strutting about on that fancy, big, shiny, mansion of a web, all dressed up in that bright hourglass outfit, shaking her tush, enticing him in whatever manner a Black Widow spider uses to entice a male…and man is he conflicted.She looks good, prettiest little arachnid he’s ever seen in fact, there’s no denying that; but in the back of his mind he can hear his buddies, “Don’t go gettin' mixed up wid no shawty dude, it’ll kill ya.”And he knows what’s coming and he fights the urge, moves toward her, backs off, tries to focus on something else, moves toward her and backs off; but she just sits there, singing that irresistible siren song, batting those eight big beautiful eyes, promising him a touch of heaven; and all he has to do is man up and go for it.Yeah, he knows better, but what does he do?Why, he finally can’t hold back anymore and its “Que Sera, Sera“ (Whatever will be will be) and he throws caution to the winds, flings himself into all eight of those outstretched arms; and its wham, bam, thank ye’ ma’am and love til’ death do them part.But then, and this is probably the part she likes best; after she lays her eggs it‘s “Thanks dude, it’s been real,” and yum, yum eat em’ up!Poor fool.A female squirrel after giving birth will raid the nests of her neighbors and eat their young to replace her lost protein and quite likely when the news gets out will blame it on a cat or some other innocent creature that doesn‘t even like squirrel meat.A female gorilla will kidnap, kill and eat the offspring of her rival for the silverback’s attention and then swear she was off visiting her cousin Tarzan when the kid disappeared.Female chimps will do the same.If the offspring of a female lion is injured or deformed in any way she will eat it.Females of all species can be incredibly vicious and knowing that I can tell you, I don’t have any desire to hook up with shawty.If I find myself in need of company I’ll get a gerbil.A male.At least he can’t kill me and eat me if he gets irritated or hungry.
I don't normally cross post others opinions from other places but this guys post deserves to be kept for all times somewhere I know how to get to it.
As I have always said to quote James T. Kirk "Don't believe them, don't trust them.... Let them Die"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Homeless Men

I have been reading alot about homeless men recently. The numbers of homeless men as compared with homeless women are very telling of the current bias in American society today. I found incidences of shelters forcing homeless men into condemned buildings and even one report of men being forced to leave shelters to make room for women.
I could find no real overall data on the actual numbers of shelters available to men, women, children or any combination of the three. I did several general searches on specific areas and found that usually men only shelters were a very real minority in most cases being out-numbered by womens only shelters 10 to 1. Most cities had to have a population of over 200,000 before they even had a male only shelter where as women only shelters (and every women only shelter also allowed dependant children) were common in communities of 50,000 or less. I counted private as well as public shelters and of course my searches were pretty limited but more than likely more exhaustive a search then a normal homeless man would be able to initiate.
These numbers are interesting when you take into account that over 50% of all homeless people are men leaving women and children to fill out the other 50%.
Finally men get to dominate some field in America I guess.
This quote from the 2006 HUD report about why men seem to be allowed to stay shorter periods in shelters read:

The shorter lengths of stay
among unaccompanied males also may be affected by daily turn-out policies – i.e., policies
that require all homeless persons to exit the shelter after a one-night stay before returning the
next night. Such policies are more often used in men’s shelters. Shelters for women are less
likely to have turn-out policies that require daily exits
Take this information as you will. There is plenty of documentation out there although I couldn't find a source just comparing men's examples to women's.
Just another example of how a dis-portionate amount of this country's social money is spent to appease women and leave men out in the cold.