Monday, June 29, 2009

Maybe this is the beginning of changes

The fight of the Newhaven firefighters was one that I followed pretty closely.
Honestly if the supeme court had ruled in favor of the city of Newhaven my loyalty to the government of this country would have ended. Oh I would have followed all the laws and paid my taxes of course but if the supreme court had not ruled against this discrimination of whites and a hispanic (I have read there were 2 hispanics in some articles) then that would have been the end of my oath as it touches onto the current government of the United States.

Of course four of the judges still went the wrong way which in my mind makes this entirely too close a call for something this important. How ANY judge can rule against these men or fail to see the discrimination here is beyond me. We have a half African President, Women in the other highest offices, a black man in charge of the GoP, the list is endless. There is no further need for these laws favoring minorities and in fact all they do is discriminate against whites forcing them to pay for "crimes" they had no part in. In fact my mostly Irish decent means my family suffered from discrimination almost as bad or worse depending on where they were at the time in America. Yet despite that I had several ancestors who offered up their lives to right the wrongs against minorities and in my own way I have sacrificed for this dream as well and it is about time we are all treated equal.
For the judges who ruled against this travisty I salute you and you have restored at least some of my faith in at least one branch of our government.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Name Game

If justice finally caught upto my ex-wife it was slow in coming. As you know I like to relate my direct stories from time to time to back up some of the articles and other blogs I read. My Ex who had a warrant out for her arrest for over a year not to mention the child support people saying they "couldn't find her" for over 3 years finally got some retaliation thrown her way.
Earlier this month ex-wife hoe was sentenced to 6 months home detention, five years supervision and ordered to pay $40,000.00 restitution to a former employer.
I guess this means child support and the court officials will know where to find her now for the other summons they have for her. Not to mention she filed for divorce from husband number four this past week.
The only good information I have ever gotten from my lawyer in over 3 years lol.

So more to the title. The reason I was given for the lack of any forward momentum in tracking my Ex down for three years was that she had moved repeatedly (6 times in 3 years). Had changed jobs over and over (I have no clue how many have'nt cared to talk to her in over 4 years myself). Yet most importantly she would change names like a chameleon on a patchwork quilt.
Seriously the courts need to find a way to keep track of these women who change their last names faster than they can practice serial monogamy. As far as I know only felonies have SSNs attached to them. Of course as I posted sometime ago women get femony convictions so I am sure the rules are different.
Anyway wish me luck looks like my long wait for this is finally coming to an end. What truely scares me is that even with her long list of infractions the deck might still be stacked against me in the pro-female courts.
Have a good weekend all!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Real Housewife hides behind her children

I have heard about these shows but never felt like punishing myself enough to watch one. Ok so I also don't understand how this woman can be a "real housewife" if she is dating around but who knows what the feminist porn television has become these days.

Apparently this woman screws some guy for a few months then dumps him. Nothing unusual there with these women I guess but this guy has secret video tapes and photos of her in the "act". It leaks out through some interview the rejected guy gives and so she takes him to court over it.
No reason for me to care or even take notice until......
Outside court, Staub said Zalewski was trying to get back at her and her two daughters, ages 11 and 15, for her breaking up with him
This is about my kids," Staub said. "I'm a big girl. Do what you want to me. But you broke bread with my children. Don't do this to me. No adult should ever do this to a child."
How the hell does a jilted man giving out pictures of this woman have anything to do with her kids? I mean without throwing out some theories that would put me in the same catagory as David Letterman I can't see this as an attack on these children. I would say that at the worst he is just not thinking about them at all.
But thats what women like this have always done, they grab their meal ticket/pay check and try and bring more sympathy for themselves with their children.

Femenomics 220 - The Housing Crisis

I spent the last couple of weeks researching a theory of mine about the latest housing bubble burst and the current U.S. economy. What I found didn't really surprise me. The relationships between liberal pro-female legislation concerning lending and home buying and mandatory child support laws gave women an edge in the home lending arena.
This article lists some of this legislation and it's effect on banks and lending :
In 1987 single women made up about 10% of home purchases. By 1997 that figure had jumped to 18%. By 2003 it had jumped to 22%. Men stayed flat over this time at about 9%. Yet other studies show that women make up a higher percentage of sub-prime and A rated loans compared to men in the same income bracket. What the sub-prime study didn't show was the overall credit score relation or the amount of income from child support or government support in each income bracket. Sadly I cannot find any figures on percentages of those numbers in overall income.
Also in the late 90's child care was removed as a living expense in home loan acceptance.
More recent figures showed Fannie Mae as estimating single female home ownership to increase to 28% by the end of 2009, yet one report from the Realty Times reported 40% of all home buyers being women in 2007 again while single male home buyers percentages remained flat or even reduced in numbers. Single women also became the largest group of buyer in condo sales (47%) during this time.
My research leaves alot of holes and unanswered questions. Studies show that more women than men took sub-prime loans. Sub-prime loans are the most widely blamed cause for the housing bubble yet without figures for how much income was reported from child support, alimony or government support I cannot prove any hard facts. I also was unable to find any statistics related to gender and recent foreclosures. I am assuming that will take a few years to show itself.
What is interesting is that if you take what I believe is the average years child support would be paid, roughly 7 to 9 years, and add that to the beginning of the single female housing boom numbers after the loan legislation became law and took effect you get to about 2007. Just the time period economist started seeing a real problem develop with sub-prime loans. How much effect the He-cession and men finding themselves unable to pay support has had remains unclear.
The only true relationship that can be made at this time is that single women make up the largest portion of home loans by gender, although they still MAY, and that is a not confirmed since 2005, be the second largest overall behind married couples. If they haven't caught up to married couples they are right behind them thats for sure. Single women home buyers also make up the highest number of sub-prime and A rated loans and it is these loans which caused the housing bubble.
I think the final conclusion is obvious but I will leave that upto you to make until the overall figures on foreclosures become available.
One final factor which I became aware of was the accusations that women were "saddled" with sub-prime loans more often than men. Again I could find no mention of credit scores in the overall findings of who was offered what type of loan only overall income levels. One quote I found pertinent was:
A Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta study found that mortgage
borrowers that lack financial information and those that are reluctant to negotiate
aggressively are more likely to receive higher cost mortgage loans
I find it difficult to believe that women are being discriminated against in home loans with the current government regulations on such things. My take is still on the overall credit scores.

In the end we will have to see how the final figures come out but I am putting my money on a much higher ratio of loan defaults by women compared to men.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hate Crimes Bill

Ya know I really don't have a problem with gay men. In fact with the way American women act these days I would be gay if I could choose it. That sort of lends some credit to the gay statement that gays are kinda hard wired (Pun intended) to be gay and there is nothing they can do about it. Well I am wired to be so not gay it isn't even funny. Still to each his own and I at least envy them the fact that female sexuality has no influence on them.
As for gay marriage well I think the term marriage is a judeo-christian term and since being gay kinda is against those religions then maybe gay men and women should found their own religion and name their unions something besides marriage, but I digress.
My problem is with this hate crime bill. Why do minorities or those who try and say they are minorities like women need this bill? Violence is illegal regardless, every person is protected by the state regardless of any race, gender, creed, sexual orientation etc. (OK except white men).
Basically it is saying any of these minorities can attack a white man and it isn't a hate crime but if anyone attacks a minority it is. How is that fair?
Anyway here is an article from a pro-gay source about it. Funny it is championed by AG Holder the same guy who dropped all the charges against the b;ack panther voteing station terrorists earlier this year.
I would suggest we write our congressmen and senators and tell them how racists/sexist/whathaveyou this bill is.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Affair

Just great this along with the other senator from Arizona or where ever is just gonna give the feminist groups a hay day.

If he kept it secret for a year or more and his wife knew and didn't throw a fit, why not just let it go till he was out of office.

At least he didn't go for an American woman so he has some brains.

Not enough bake sales

"Not enough bake sales to keep us in business" was the quote at the end of this article from Reutgers on the closing of a womens shelter near Chicago.
All I can say is its about time.
As feminism has pushed the U.S. government to fund these centers and shelters for women only, has pushed and received legislation that further lined the common female's pocket not only at the ex-husband's expense but at a cost to tax payers as a whole. And finally while backing every other social or animal rights legislation or special interest group in a cooperative action to lend more weight to their own moves, this country has run out of money.
The article also mentions how children are being placed with relatives now other than government run facilities, without the tests and what have you. To this I also say it's about time. This is how it should be, people should take care of their own.
I don't really know how this is going to turn out in the end. I am not some fall of civilization nut although I have always been happiest away from the city and have planted my 40 acres to be able to help keep my son and I alive if things fall apart.
I can tell you in the last few months the number of "stray" animals on my little hobby farm has grown higher than I have seen it in 20 years. One huge spotted lab cross dog has already moved into my house and lays at my feet as I write this. I have learned over the years that it is a good indication of bad times and this is the worse I have seen it since the middle 1980's and maybe worse than it was then. This animal was not some random born in the wild stray either he is well behaved and has lived inside a house before. The number of stray cats I see slinking around my barn has doubled in the last two months as well. Luckily the dog is male I am thinking about only sheltering males now.
As more and more men suffer job losses and are jailed because they cannot pay the crippling support to greedy ex-wives and as more and more money is sent where it isn't needed to fund more sexest womens "concerns" this will just get worse.
Sadly the most dangerous aspect of this is not the women's groups. Its the fact that it happens while we have a mangina president with total access to the printing press and a pro-leftist house and senate that will let him use that press. I am sure he will blame the printed money on George Bush as well.
Another interesting part in the article was the date given for the end of funding, July 1st. If that holds true as a more common date across the country then the worst is about to hit.
As much as I dislike what feminism has done and made this country into I pray it won't come to a bad end. I hope God is watching and I hope HE is listening.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama Pre-staging press conferences with Huffington Post

As if it isn't enough that Obama turned over the stimulus package to women even though 80% of the unemployed are men. That he lectures men on being better fathers while he has supported legislation and organisations which promote the marginalization of men. Now he admits to being in personal contact with left leaning media journalist.
I know this is not new. Most people have known for a while now he was doing this but this is the first outward admission of it that I have seen.
And it is to the Huffington post as well which just today has at least two articles on women's rights, glass ceilings and such.
As men we must preach the word, get the real story of how we are being treated out there.
Its our only and last hope.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Femenomics 111 - The He-cession

Earlier today another blogger (thanks Mr. M) pointed out this article which kinda goes hand in hand with what I have been saying about feminism "Killing" the American economy. In this article the author points out how women's groups (Especially NOW) managed to get the stimulus spending turned into yet more Femenomics funds.
I read sometime ago about men making up 80% of the unemployed who have lost their jobs during this downturn. I almost made a blog about it 2 months ago when I saw some female journalists talking about the racial percentages of women effected by this crisis and yet nothing about men. I also remember the statement last December or so by our then president elect Obama about how the stimulus was to encompass everyone "Not just white male construction workers". Now I see how his statement fits into what actually happened behind the scenes.

After NOW got ahold of the stimulus package they managed to divert almost half of it to mostly female occupation areas giving women an estimated 42% of the jobs created yet they make up only about 20% of the jobs lost. JUST WOW.
One quote from the article I really liked was
"Our incoming president did what many sensible men do when confronted by a chorus of female complaint: He changed his plan."

Just wonderful and yet the Great One himself has the nerve to attack men for not being fathers in June after he allows himself to be browbeat into hamstringing men even more a few months earlier?
Femenomics lead by women's special interest groups like NOW are killing this country. They have over spent in an effort to replace men with the government. They have allied themselves with illegal immigration to keep their numbers up for votes. They help to support voter fraud and as I still plan to show were the major contributor(s) to the recent housing bubble collapse.
Unless men as a solid group begin to demand and force change soon we wont have an economy left and that change will be thrust on us anyway.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Femenomics - 110 Insurance bias

All the recent hype about health care got me curious about private to corporate rates. One reason I have stayed in my dead end warehouse job (in fact the only reason) has been health insurance for my son. Of course my pro-choice ex wife is suppose to take care of this and hasn't so it is up to me.
Anyway I figured health insurance would have to be higher for women than men, and I found out that upto age 55 it is. At age 55 men's health insurance actually becomes more expensive due to prostrate cancer. As usual I also found about a million articles of women's groups fighting this tooth and nail but also as usual only the part that women have to pay more for.
This article which is a little old is interesting because in it the question of car insurance being higher for males is asked. The answer was given that it was OK and didn't apply since the question isn't about 17 year olds. Of course nothing about gender and if 17 year old females had to pay more I bet it would be mentioned.
Now of course I always figured I had to pay more for my car insurance (which actually is higher for men until something like 35 I think) because women didn't have the proper organ placement to receive any form of highway head. I am sure I used that excuse many times in college to convince said bimbo that I had already paid for the blow job so she should take care of that while I drove her 50 miles to go to the nice restaurant she wanted to eat at. Besides its a good appetiser for her.

Yet it isn't just car insurance, life insurance is also higher for men than women.
I would say in this one maybe a bit of non-gender bias laws might help men out, but of course only the one women have to pay more for will be adjusted and that adjustment will also mean down for them (Hmmm I am seeing a pattern of women going down and insurance here now), and men's payments going up.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sotomayor Update

Seems the soon to be justice has resigned from the sexest women's group now that it has been made public.
About time a woman has to stop doing something she maybe enjoyed because of radical feminist views and law.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Toddlers found eating dogfood

Came across this story today:

There is some video with it. Apparently the 20 year old mother who is a dancer left her two children alone all night while she went to visit an ex-boyfriend.

Interesting twist is the father who did finally get his son who said he had been trying to get custody of said son for two and a half years.
Seriously there needs to be more accountabillity and cooperation enforced in divorce regardless of who pays. Without going on a long rant about it just to begin with give non-custodial parents the same rights as custodial ones and the abillity to remove their children without facing jail time automatically and alot of this crap would end.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As If we didn't already expect it.

Seems Sotomayor is a member of a womens club.

I bet not even belonging to a sexest "group" will keep this woman off of the supreme court bench.

But they allow men to speak and travel with them, wonder if they only let them speak when they are told to.
We need to pass a law so supreme court justices can be removed so we can right all this damage Obama-fem is doing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Public Schools - or why I had to Home School

As I approach the final few months until my son is able to legally take his GED and I no longer have to worry about the all female employees (Honestly in over 10 years I have never spoken with or met a male employee of this government agency) of social services crawling up my ass and looking over my home school records, I feel I can finally begin speaking out against the local public schools.

I should give some credit though to a woman who finally made it possible for my son to come and live with me. After three years of being a latch key child, being in constant trouble with the local schools, moved to three different school zones, and finally ending up a ward of the court, not to mention some physical abuse by my Ex's husband of the time. This woman blew off the lies thrown at me by my Ex: namely that I was a dead-beat dad and had no interest in my son's life, and managed to award me custody of my son.

Something thousands of dollars in lawyer fees was never able to do no matter how much trouble my son got into; she was able to do because she had no other options but to place him in a detention center or with me on house arrest.

Well it paid off for her as in four years my son has not been in trouble once.... Not one time mind you. His reading levels and history are well within the college level. Yes we are lagging somewhat in science and math but with the work I had to do to even achieve a C in college algebra that doesn't surprise me much. I have made arrangements for a special tutor for him in this area.
The issues were apparent to me long before I got the chance to prove my "plan" for keeping my son out of trouble.

In the first grade he was arrested, taken to the county jail and placed in a waiting room. His crime? Well he pushed a girl. Not hit a girl, not pushed a girl down, he pushed her away from him. He pushed this girl away from him as she tried to kiss him, a game all the little girls played with the boys. When I asked what room the little girl was being held in since she was guilty of sexual assault I was informed that she had done nothing wrong. As you can imagine the argument that ensued was a bit heated and I was eventually asked to leave and invited never to come back.

In the third grade my son was again arrested. This time because he had made a comment about how he was tired of always being in trouble and should kill himself. Somehow this was also twisted into him wanting to kill his entire class. The school had him arrested for assault.
Again in the discussion that followed I asked the wrong questions like when I asked his teacher if she ever felt in danger of my son which she couldn't say yes to no matter how hard she tried, or when I pointed out that perhaps the poster with the saying that "boys are weird, you should throw rocks at them." was out of line hanging in her classroom maybe added to my son's feelings of worthlessness. Again I was asked to leave and never come back.

By the fifth grade my son was labeled a complete troublemaker, one female principal even told me that she expected to see my son on the news as a mass killer in a Macdonald’s somewhere.

Luckily soon after that he was taken away from my Ex's abusive and neglectful home and placed with me and it has been smooth sailing since that time. A year of weekly meetings with his juvenile officer, checking his weekly work and taking a test now and again. After that he was removed as a ward of the court and placed fully in my custody. Interestingly enough his mother never showed to a court hearing and was eventually arrested for not paying her share of the fines.

It helps that I have a teaching certificate for secondary level education and a degree. Armed with these (which have never helped me professionally I might add) I was able to avoid a large number of inspections and take a little more freedom in how I chose to educate my son.
The anti-male sentiments and the demands to place my son on ridlin (sp?) left me with no choice but to home school. The penalty for failure which would have been immediate placement of my son in a state facility also left me with no options and also pressured me into being a bit less strict with him at first and using a more isolationist approach in regards to social interaction. In short I kept him on my farm in a work program, which was better than a state facility I think.

The road has been long and hard in time restraints however but he has passed all his pre-tests and we are looking forward to his passing the GED and getting above the age where it is a constant worry for us of being investigated. After this hurdle is passed I have promised him a year or so off then its to the local community college where he needs at least 15 credit hours to be considered a high school graduate.

The public schools failed my son horribly. In most respects everything he did would have been laughed at when I was his age yet today our schools cater to young girls and force the young boys to be constantly in trouble. I remember one morning I was at the school for a "social" thing and noticed two boys (not my son thankfully) turn two pieces of bread into handguns and start shooting at each other in play. These boys were swiftly separated and placed in corners of the large cafeteria yet no one cared as the girls brought out a cornucopia of small items from their bags and proceeded to play dress up even forcing a boy or two to join them.
Further reading:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I hear Feminazi's hate this ad

Soooo of course I am gonna post it here.
Actually I emailed this link to a female friend of mine and she loved it. She even sent it to about a dozen female friends and the feedback she gave me was all great laughter.
Its funny how our society can make light of women having some serious "Street rat crazy" feelings but anything male oriented is just evil incarnate.
Oh well I still like this video since I have heard that feminist sites hate it so it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Femenomics - A Deeper Introduction

So this idea I had about how women seem to have it easier than men for child support collection, when fines are sentenced, on wage and cost forms etc. Has gotten me looking deeper and deeper into the facts about Macro Femenomics.
Ok off the bat just to let you know I am not an economist. My degree is in American History but in a lot of ways these two areas overlap.

Recently I started researching all the various social programs especially leftist ones which cause tax payers millions, billions and more than likely soon trillions of dollars and started seeing a pattern. Most social left leaning minority group government programs were embraced, supported, and in many cases championed by feminists organizations, sometimes with crossover leaders.
Feminists organizations have backed immigration, health-care, welfare, animal rights.... well the list is endless. If you don't believe me just do an internet search or look at NOW's important issues page.
I am beginning to believe, as certain statistics are showing me, that feminism is even the root cause of the current economic crisis or at the very least the major cause for the recent housing bubble. I am planning a blog about that soon and already have a page of notes on it.

For this blog however I am throwing out here the possibillity that perhaps the almost limitless list of social programs supported by feministic groups is causing so much strain on the US government that it has been the single largest factor in our failing economy.

More in the future.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cougar skinning

Starting about 10 years ago I noticed a fair number of divorces (all initiated by the woman) in my general social/work network which ended with the now divorced woman dating or living with a much younger man. Just from casual curiosity I kinda kept track of these relationships and added a few over the years as well.
In total I kept watch on about 12 older female-younger male relationships. The newest one was added about 3 years ago and is counted twice as that was the second younger fling for that woman. Interrestingly enough none of these older woman have begun new relationships with younger men in the last 2 years period and most all of them are single now and hitting the bars regularly.
Now of course I have very limited information on most of these women as to casual sex and perhaps getting lucky from time to time. A few I know for a fact have picked up the stray young guy and brought them home but not a one is still with the younger man they started off with.
Also about half of them I have had no information on for 5 years or more as I stopped following up on them when their "fling" ended. I also don't have accurate information on the exact age differences in each case but what I do know is that out of 12 older woman to younger men relationships not a one of them worked out for longer than 5 years.

One in particular that I witnessed up close was a woman I work with who was dating a much much younger man. She was as near as I could figure in her lower 40's while the guy was at best 20. After about 2 years I witnessed the boy sending his cougar to get him drinks while he used every opportunity of his cougars absence to flirt heavily with a banquet server at a company party. Later that night he had disappeared and was last seen walking out a back door with said server. The cougar has been looking steadily worse since then and several co-workers have gossiped about how hard she is taking her new found singleness.

Another case which happened to be an Ex-girlfriend of mine, began with her marrying an 18 year old guy when she was 36 and ended with him finally pushing her into internet porn and finally making a few movies. You can see her in one of the "watching my mom go black" and "cougars in heat" movies if your interested. They finally split up last year (after 4 years of marriage) as she is facing 3 felony charges for theft.
My point is I cannot find any hard statistics on overall older women to younger men relationships. Several articles proclaim how these relationships are on the rise, and point out the Demi Moore to boytoy thing. Yet I cannot find any real studies into how long these relationships really work.

My experiences and observations show they don't work at all and I must admit a certain satisfaction in seeing the once mighty cougars skinned and just looking old, tired, and used up now.
For the young guys I can understand their interest, Hell cougar skinning isn't anything new I can assure you of that from my own experiences of 20 or more years ago. Also judging by what I see in the younger women now adays I can see the advantages: Use the older ones while they still look good and they are just happy your so much younger and wont bitch about money and success until the younger ones get some age themselves....then dump the old ones when they are old.

Oh well none of this really effects me anymore except the certain satisfaction I get to make the occasional dig at the used up old cougar from time to time.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Femenomics 102

I saw a couple of TV interviews this weekend with a reporter/writer named Katty Kay. What caught my ear off the bat was a statement she had made about how women are beginning to wake up and see there are differences between men and women and in what each sex finds important.
I was hoping that maybe here was another well spoken woman who gets it. She mentioned taking time for the kids and having kids and being a homemaker are and should be important to women today. She even said something about how women are waking up after 30 years and seeing that they have been imprisoned. So far so good then came the punch line.

It seems her opinion is that now is a good time for women to negotiate four day work weeks, or day care at work, or no overtime. Her opinion is that since employers can't reward employees with bonuses and higher pay they may make adjustments for women to stay in the workforce and still become happy mothers or whatever they wish. She went on to comment on how women have become engineers, doctors, pilots what have you and are taking up valuable spots in the world but then leave to become mothers. Her plan is that now once again women should have their cake and eat it too and be able to still take up these valuable positions while allowing these women to also fullfill their other wishes and keep that position from being filled by a man.

I should have seen this coming now the feminists are demanding better than equal treatment on the basis of gender differences not that there are none.... Guess those differences matter now if they can manage to get even more for them.