Thursday, September 24, 2009

First DV clinic founder says "I loathe feminism"

ERIN PIZZEY set up the world's first refuge for battered women in 1971 - and went on to establish an international movement for victims of domestic violence. But what she has never made public before is that her own childhood was scarred by the shocking cruelty of both her parents.

There isn't really a lot I can add to this article actually.

Mrs. Pizzey has some very pointed and accurate comments on feminism and the loss of the family and man bashing along with some very good quotes from the article which I will post.

Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the movement, which proclaimed that all men are potential rapists and batterers, was based on a lie that, if allowed to flourish, would result in the complete destruction of family life.

Re-freshing to see a leader in the DV movement say such a thing.

Many years later, when feminists started demonising all fathers, these stark images continually reminded me of the truth - that domestic violence is not a gender issue.


I was, on reflection, following my mother's unspoken orders. Remarkably, she had manipulated me to such a degree that I was now willing to murder for her.

I would encourage everyone to read this article and also browse the comments sections at the bottom.

The beast called feminism has gone so far that even a respected founder's opinion seems to have no impact on the women who will defend their privileged new social class.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

LOL Women love a nice guy with a little thug in them

What a piece of steaming feminist crap this article from the Examiner is:

Now I won't knock the Examiner they have some pretty good articles from time to time and haven't seemed to far feminist leaning in the past, but what kind of horse shit is this:

All women have a little bad girl inside that would, with the right motivation and encouragement, love to break free. A woman needs a man who can complement that side of her.
And no, the opposite of a "too nice" guy does not have to be a straight thug. It's frustrating that nice guys tend to see the world in such black and white, polar opposite ways. In reality, there is a whole range of men in between the two extremes… in the gray area.

So get this right gentlemen your suppose to read the little slut's mind now and know what she wants at that particular moment.

It doesn't matter that she has the job you were more qualified for, or that she can have you arrested with a little story and a fake tear. No. Your suppose to overcome all this and light her spark by being confident and walking the edge.

Well Bitch I got an edge for ya and I hope you fall off.

Women want a versatile, confident and secure man that can handle himself on the basketball court, in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Women love a mature man, appreciative of family, respectful of women, children, people, and life. Women want a guy with intelligence and education, balanced with common sense and street smarts.

I hope this woman will be satisfied with a few of those points missing since their beloved feminism is keeping men out of the boardroom, the Universities and off the basketball court to pay their child support.

I think it is fitting that women cannot even see they are making what they claim to want an endangered creature. Of course what they claim to want today is never the same as what it will be tomorrow anyway.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Women's Happiness?

The recent study and paper by Stevenson and Wolfer, "The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness"? Has been covered on a few men's rights blogs of late. Since I have started back to my 50+ hour work weeks I have had little time to do more than get home and take care of dinner and housework but I have kept up my reading as much as possible.

I came across this article on the paper at the Huffington Post:

An interesting article. I found it more interesting as someone who follows Men's rights closely because I feel we men from these sites know the answer that Marcus Buckingham attempts to lead his female readers to kicking and screaming.

The answer? Well to put it in it's most basic form one has only to say feminism. Yet this answer which speaks volumes to the men who have been on the paying side of feminism has no meaning to the modern liberated woman.

In his article Mr. Buckingham brings forth some facts men have known for years yet never seem to get published or any attention in the main stream media. Namely: Women working less hours, women getting equal pay and finally even out-stripping men in wages, women dominating education, and women outnumbering men in middle and upper management and now the fact that more women have retained jobs than men.

I was seriously surprised to see these facts mentioned on anything published by Huffington Post.

But there is more.

All told, more than 1.3 million men and women have been surveyed over the last 40 years, both here in the U.S. and in developed countries around the world. Wherever researchers have been able to collect reliable data on happiness, the finding is always the same: greater educational, political, and employment opportunities have corresponded to decreases in life happiness for women, as compared to men.

The study clearly shows that young women start off much happier than men of the same age but by age 39 the scales cross and men become much happier than women.

These findings typically follow what I have noticed about women and the danger age of the mid to upper 30's I have spoken about before. It is as if as their happiness levels decrease anything can be used or done to try and stop this downward spiral. Anything that is, as long as it is self centered and hostile towards men, it seems.

The article also brings to light that women and men spend about the same amounts of time doing housework.

It falls because when it comes to the sharing of 'home' duties, the trend lines are all moving in the direction you would predict would lead to greater happiness and less stress for women: namely toward greater parity. For example, between 1975 and today women's housework hours declined from twenty-one per week to seventeen, while men's jumped from six to thirteen.

As Mr. Buckingham states there is no reason in fact for women's happiness to fall. They have it all. The article doesn't mention legal matters but we know we can add those to the mix as well.

In all aspects of modern Western life women hold all the cards, yet they are still unhappy as they age.

We men know why. As the 40's close in on these women even the sexiest woman starts to wear. No matter how much money is sunk into plastic or botox. No matter how many hours are spent on the treadmill or how many calories are counted the most a woman who hits 40 can do is give herself a few brief years of playing cougar before nothing works anymore.

By 40 most women today have destroyed the man they had the most history with. The companion that would have helped raise their children. She has wiped out his money, betrayed him. More than likely lied about him and made at least some form of false domestic violence claim during the divorce she initiated. She then lived well off the child support she justified as in the "best interest of the child" that is her new car and the biggest house she can afford with the money while the college fund is empty waiting for the Ex to shell out even more money.

Sure it is easy for women to find a new sexual partner again and again at least till the dreaded 40s arrive.

Yet in the end what has feminism done for these women?

It has left them totally alone and taken away the traditional wealth women had for centuries in the family and with a husband who had been with them through it all.

Feminism destroyed everything that gave an older woman meaning and importance so that now a woman past 40 is just alone.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Feminism actually promotes violence against women?

At least that was one theory I walked away with after reading this article:

A fair bit of warning the article, although sound from a male point of view in many ways, is loooooong.. So take a drink when ya read it.

I walked away from this article with several thoughts running through my head and there were so many relevant quotes that I finally gave up on trying to remember most of them.

The author talks about how wave two feminism brought in certain values and how women wished to change men but since men are unchangeable it lead to wave three along with the death of chivalry and several other consequences leading to what we have now which is outright war.

Because most women today are feminist-minded if not actual raging feminists, virtually any woman you run into and with whom you actually manage to communicate, especially if they’re single, young or old, will be affected and influenced by the war feminists have been waging against males for decades

This statement is true and I would add to it that even women who seem to go against the mold or deny being a feminist will still visibly get their hackles up and their panties in a wad when you make a blanket statement about disliking feminist. Which just supports the quote anyway.

Moreover, now that men know that feminist-minded women, which are the majority of all women, have declared war on men seeking their obsolescence, how much less do you suppose men will now honor or respect females? How much less will they treat women kindly as friends? If we’re at war, then there can be no kindness, respect, or friendship between the two adversaries involved in combat.

The author goes on to explain that in killing chivalry the feminist opened themselves up to violence and swept away the underlying respect men had for women. Also dressing as men and acting as men contributed to this as well. Something I am sure we are all aware of here.

There is much much more to this article and the text is small but in the end the author basically states that men will not be changed and just like during prohibition will "find a way" to act like men even if they have to break the law to do so.

At heart I think this is also correct but I think the author fails to see a few more dangerous aspects of feminism especially on American and Western society. The end of male dominance as feminist call the history of the West is basically ending what kept these countries strong and defended them. This includes weakening the white race since as a race those of Western European ancestry are the only ones suffering a division because of feminism by and large.

Chivalry which is what protected these women before feminism was completely a European institution so this may explain why feminism is not catching on in other cultures or of it does it will be radically different than what we have seen in the West.

The real question is not whether feminism will win in the end because it cannot win. Feminism can only survive inside in environment created by Western European men which is a biosphere it is killing. Yet maybe it can bring down that biosphere and for those of us who have been handed the current remains of the male portion of that "biosphere" culture, either feminist domination or racial replacement equals the end regardless.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's all our fault guys

Well according to this author anyway.

You see the current recession was caused totally by men, and of course as we have seen in hundreds of main stream media outlets that creates the call to get more women into the financial sector.

And when the economy comes crumbling down, crashing under the weight of the imploding financial sector ... that’s right – I blame men.

Had women been holding the reins of the financial sector, rather than men, would we find ourselves in the current predicament?

Ahhhh hey.... you.... Feminist bitch... women do hold the reins for all the money spent on useless welfare and financially crippling legislation.

I could tear this fluff headed entitlement princess' article to shreds but happily there is no need.

All you have to do is read the few comments a no talent feminist hack like her generates to get all the debunking you could ever want.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The first round of lies is out

Just as I predicted (ok I admit it didn't take a huge brain or anything but damn let me flex some)

The first round of the up-coming Obama bait and switch economy lies have started.

1. Major media Obamaphile sources will start proclaiming the He-cession is ending and the economy is on the rise.

"Domestic demand has picked up now that we have shifted from recession to recovery," Bernard Baumohl, chief economist for the Global Outlook Group, said in a note to clients.

2. The obama-nation will start wildly claiming massive job creation and/or saved jobs.

Because the economy declined less than expected in recent months, the White House said that translated to about one million jobs that would have been lost without government efforts. The report attributes much of this to the stimulus but conceded it is difficult to say for certain which of the many government economic policies contributed to the estimate.

Hmmmm 1 million jobs huh? But the stimulus wasn't for white male construction workers who are the ones mostly out of work. So who did it go to?

Well I haven't seen any new jobs but I am betting there are more than a few teachers and bored government workers tired of doing their nails that are thankful for the stimulus.

Next step is passing of a health care bill which includes abortion coverage, minority preference for treatment, elective and non-emergency care and coverage for illegals (unless they are all made legal which is just as likely) and reduced availability of health care for seniors. Also either a public option or a trick that will eventually lead to one.

I believe the countdown has started but we shall see.

450 days more or less.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1200 calls a month to a local DV shelter?

So it is time again for the annual United way donation drive. As I have stated before one event the company I work for does is to take donations to make the few remaining male supervisors and managers wear "traditional" female dress for the day. They then parade the men in drag around to be hooted and leered at by the mostly female employees. Its pretty sad and not something the males appear to really enjoy (at least not many of them).

Every year I am offended by this event and try and hide my disdain since I need the insurance the company offers I have stayed silent on the matter.

However this year the local media celebrity/spokesman gave a speech promoting the over all fund campaign and also made the comment that the local DV shelter, which is a possible recipient of the donated money, had reported that they receive upto 1200 calls a month. He didn't say they took 1200 domestic violence calls just that they took 1200 calls. Hell it could have been 600 wrong number calls for pizza delivery but the implied message is of course that they took 1200 calls of domestic violence against women. Also 1200 calls a month would be about 5% of the local population calling in if I am not mistaken.

This statement along with the added frustration of the "drag queen march" is seriously pushing me to write a letter to the plants general manager and the local director for the United Way to explain why I find these things so offensive and will not be donating any money.

I know the United way has done some other sexist events in other cities like the "average man dating thing" which includes astronauts and nas-car drivers as everyday sort of men.

I am seriously teetering here back and forth. The money isn't that important as I could get a job easily making the same amount of money its the insurance that would bite. Also the state I live in is a right to work state which simply means a right to be fired for no reason and we don't care state.

Not sure yet what I am going to do. Suggestions and advice are much appreciated and I will let everyone know how it turns out.

I just think it is time to take a stand on such things. I am sick of the double standards.