Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wanna lay any bets on how this case will turn out?

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia news outlets are reporting a suburban mother who claimed she and her 9-year-old daughter had been abducted were spotted on video surveillance at Philadelphia International Airport boarding a plane to Florida.
The Philadelphia Inquirer and WPVI-TV, citing unidentified sources, report Wednesday that 38-year-old Bonnie Sweeten, and her daughter Julia Rakoczy, were shown boarding a plane to Tampa on Tuesday afternoon.
Investigators say they can now conclude that the two were not abducted by a pair of men following a traffic accident in suburban Philadelphia.
Sweeten called 911 before 2 p.m. Tuesday in downtown Philadelphia, about 20 miles from where the she said the abduction took place.
The FBI had no immediate comment on the reports.
This woman called the police from her cell phone and stated she was being held in the trunk of a cadilac by these fictional men...twice!!!
Although slightly more dramatic then some of the stuff my ex-wife came up with to get me served with exparte papers (never came to court and were dropped but my record still shows them on there) years ago. The sentiment is still the same, women can and will make up anything to cover themselves. Of course some men will too I am sure, but men don't have laws designed to get what they want and to be taken on thier word with no burden of proof like women do.
Maybe I will be wrong but I would make a sizable bet that this will have something to do with divorce and this woman's defense will be that she was running from her husband and was scared for her life and her daughters.
Bet they don't do anything to her for the false alarm either.
Hell she could have had a 14 year old boy she was molesting in that trunk and she would get off scot free as well....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor equals FAIL!!!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am tired of getting passed over or not even looked at for jobs, scholarships (OK none of those in a while for me), or what have you simply because of my race and/or gender.
This has got to end now.

If a blackman can become President, and women can hold the third highest office not to mention run for Vice-President and President themselves then I think it is about time to declare equality.

If anyone reads this blog I don't care if your left or right get real and figure out the time to descriminate because of race is totally over. Yet now Obama nominates Sotomayor as his pick to the Supreme Court?

Regardless of any stance she has ever made her refusal to support the hard work of the firemen in Newhaven, both white AND hispanic proves she is after more than just equality and is a legal ACTIVIST.

Please write your Senators and let them know this appointment is one that should not be made.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More about the Current Torture Issue

I cannot believe that even the most liberal non-muslim would react so and scream so loud about a bit of torture under these circumstances. The simple act of capturing someone and detaining them is torture of a sort, any type of questioning is torture if you are not allowed to stop it at will. Being held in a cell locked in is as much torture to me as being mock waterboarded.

Some of you say you would admit to anything to stop it, well thats the point if you will admit to anything you will also admit to the truth thereby giving some lead to go on.

Any man or woman who attaches themselves to an organization that would kill thousands of people by covertly infiltrating a society and turning otherwise harmless air transport into weapons should expect harsh treatment if they are captured.

You want moral high ground? Our moral high ground is that the U.S. didn't just slice off a head once the terrorist was no longer useful. We allowed detainies' religious freedom and didn't just blow up other muslims enmasse or use any limited torture on a non-violent suspect.
The Geneva convention should not even apply to these animals. They are terrorists, they blow up non-combatants as a primary target. They hide behind civilian dress, they infiltrate. By the rules of war they could be killed outright once caught, yet the U.S. even allows the Geneva convention to apply to them.

Make no mistake. From the heated sands of 8th century Middle East the Muslim faith was born in conflict, raised on conquest, forged by violent expansion, and tolerance is not even a part of its doctrine today. The only checks to this expansion in over 1400 years has been by Asian or Christian military might plain and simple. Only a direct reaction can defend the non-muslim world from this never ending jihad. I know there are peaceful muslims but the very foundations of their faith means violent groups will constantly spring from it and these groups must be met and destroyed immediatly.

I honor the articles of the United States and have defended them. Yet I also believe in an "eye for an eye" and that there are actions some beings can commit that render them below human rights. Waterboarding three mass murderers does not test my limits what-so-ever.

Hide behind your liberal morals, scream for the punishment of those who caused a little terror to a terrorist mass murderer if you want. In the end those same splinter group jihadists won't be so nice to you when they do get the upperhand after our only defense has been weakened.

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Acorn

I saw these guys out in front of a grocery store back in September last year for several weeks. Didn't much like them then as I recall but I should have taken a much greater interest. I see them in the news all the time now of course and read this article today:
Shouldn't this kind of "Yellow Journalism" be punished. I mean its one thing to give your opinion on something like if your a right or left-wing journalist but for an entire paper to make a choice about which candidate to support and which to attack?
I certainly hope the GoP and maybe some other more conservative leaning groups plan on working against these liberal setups outside our shopping malls and grocery stores before the next elections. I know I am going to try and get something going at the same store front they set up at last year.

Perhaps a small oak tree blooming into Obama's head with the zero out sign for a slogan? Hmmmm.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Torture? Abuse?

Not that I expect anyone to care much but I guess it is time I put my opinion of the torture and abuse issue(s) in this blog.
What I find the most frightening about all this isn't that the CIA or some military personel may have used techniques that were a bit out of hand and perhaps a bit rougher than some liberal can stomach. No, I find it frightening that the Left Democrats have removed themselves so far away from a unified and balanced America where we have relied on people with the ability to do things others could not or would not do to protect all of us. In the past we understood these tactics were sometimes needed and when they were no longer needed we just let them go away and be forgotten. Yet now we have a group who has come into power and who wants to attack and possibly put on trial Americans who were protecting these same liberals in the best and fastest way they could think of.

My first point is that these very same liberals need to remember its only three and a half years to the next presidential election and one year to the start of the next congressional election. You seriously don't want to be on the other end of a witch hunt I am sure.

My second point is this: These men who were questioned were not soldiers, they were not in uniform, they are not part of any legal or world recognized country. The Geneva convention does not apply to them. They do not have any real rights while operating in civilian dress and covertly. By all established laws they could have been hung immediatly when they were found to be covert agents ie..... Terrorists. Soldiers get honorable treatment under the convention, Terrorists DO NOT and SHOULD NOT!

Lastly if these techniques are torture than I have been tortured myself for reasons from hazing to education. I have submitted to torture just to be aware of how I could be treated if captured. The closest thing I have seen mentioned to true torture would be the waterboarding and honestly with the way these agents were doing it (Yes there are many ways to waterboard) it could maybe be called torture of the very lowest level. Annoying? Certainly. Fear instilling? Yep but not really from drowning as you can still breath, but more from not being in control and knowing you really can't do anything but take it. If what they have shown is torture then simply being locked up in a cell is torture by this example.

By making an issue out of all of this the leftist liberals have almost assured a swift and (truely)tortuous death to any American soldier who is captured. By publishing these pictures and making all this public, and therefore available to terrorist groups that mean to harm Americans, the Obama administration and other Democrats currently in office are, in my opinion, commiting treason and sedition. With each hearing and each statement these "officials" set the groundwork to be a target of the next witch hunt in Washington.

Next they will get Jane Fonda back out and start giving muslim terrorist groups all over the world financial aid and have Obama assign them Tarp money.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have been in an active and very rewarding relationship with a woman I swear has got to be the most kind hearted, least confrontational, happy individual I have ever met.

When I first started dating her about a year ago she often told me she was bossy and bitchy. Well I don't know why she thinks that, or maybe she is just constantly keeping something inside but I just never see it. She apologizes to me about a hundred times whenever we drive somewhere since she insists that I drive but then tells me where to turn, what lane to be in, how fast to drive etc. I just giggle everytime she does this. In fact I will admit her instructions are often very useful, she is a very good co-pilot. I still refuse to stop for her to rescue wandering turtles on the road however.

She is also very liberal, yep a left leaning democrat. She also represents the rarest kind of liberal I have ever had the pleasure to meet, totally open-minded. I am sure I will mention her more in the future but I needed to introduce her as a lead in to this post.

Often in our various debates she will loudly exclaim, "I am not like that, your generalizing all women together". That is a hard statement to counter because she is right. She certainly is very different and close enough to me that I can't simply wave her statement off as fluff. Recently however I changed tactics.

If generalizing all women together is wrong, then explain to me how it is fair to lump all men together as violent criminals who attack women physically? She replies of course that she doesn't do this. I point out that in fact by supporting the current domestic crime laws and the no questions asked exparte/restraining orders she does.

Despite all the stories other men have told me of being slapped with these orders and prevented from retrieving their possessions or other items, even their check books and debit cards. I will just focus on my own experiences concerning un-warranted restraining type orders. Interestingly enough after I got custody of my son I haven't so much as called my useless pro-choice ex-wife even once yet before when it was still my job to call my son or check on his progress at school she would always resort to the "no questions asked exparte" and then never show up for the court hearing that was usually scheduled months after the police would come by my place of work to serve me.

So by law, enforced by and served by our law enforcement, I am generalized without question as being a violent stalker without a trial, and even when the accuser doesn't even show in court and the exparte is dropped there are no repercussions for her unsubstantiated accusations.
Perhaps women need to stop their support for the generalizing of men before they complain that men lump all women together these days.... Just a thought.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Testosterone Gel?

I Read this article today:
In general it warned against the bad side effects of children being exposed to this cream or gel. Some of the side effects sounded pretty bad.
So if we assume men have been dealing with these side effects since time began and that male bodies are self regulating to put such a strong hormone to use and counter its effects what happens when it goes away?
Studies have shown testosterone has been decreasing in American men steadily over the last few decades:
I have my own ideas as to why of course but we wont go into that here and now.
The loss of testosterone is a dangerous thing. One way it can be lost or hampered in production is by damage to the testecles.
Because of this potential hazard I suggest the new hate laws should address this and I suggest anytime a kick in the nuts is protrayed in the media we men sue as it is suggesting a hate crime is acceptable.

Write your congressmen and suggest that protraying violence to men, especially if it shows a kick or punch to the groin region, should be named in the new hate crimes bill.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Islamic Beauty Queen

So I saw this article today while browsing the news.
This got me thinking. Then I remembered the article a short while back about the Afghan women and the sex-during marriage law and how so many more Muslim women opposed the 100 or so women who were protesting against said law. Wish I could find that article again.
Anyway it got me wondering if any feminist would be supporting the Saudi beauty pageant (I seriously doubt it) although from the article so many of the qualities they were looking for were qualities I doubt even todays rabid, pro-female only, feminist supporters could condemn.
Oh well, as my mind raced on it occured to me (not for the first time) that perhaps we are seeing a pattern here. As Modern-day feminist distort and attack the religious morals of Christianity, berate and attack those women who have managed to keep some of those morals intact (Think Carrie Prejean) and continue to make sure men are pushed as far down as they can get them, we also see a decrease in Western Christianity.
Yet Islam is still on the rise....
Although I still think the rise of Western Civilization (including the US) was pushed up and carried on by the sacrifice of men who undertook those duties. Even western feminist still seem to think it is the duty of men (yet not women unless they want to), even without any equality left to todays men they are still expected to die for their country if needed and must register in case that duty is called for. This modern day corruption is not enough for me to ignore the sacrifice of the women who up held the foundation and allowed these men from history to pull all of us into the modern era.
So to those women who are left with Christian values and a sense of fairness, I salute you. For the rest well as you continue to pull Christianity down with the men you attack, just remember it's your daughters who will be wearing the burhkas down the road. As you continue to taint our public schools towards boys, make it even more difficult for young men to go to college while young women continue to increase the large percentage advantage they already have there, and thereby lower the testosterone levels of men with each generation. Remember, those men of Islam who continue to grow stronger with the support and encouragement of Islamic women will someday be knocking at our door. If islamic fundamentalism advances as fast here as it has in other areas, you may even get to wear the burhka yourself.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Femenomics 101

Somewhere not so long ago I read an article about how women have a lock down on something like 70% of all the real wealth in America. I believe the article said it had something to do with men dying off like 10 years sooner than women and the widow getting all the wealth. I seem to remember the article also mentioned that a large percentage of the divorced women manage to get the retirement accounts and assets of their ATM…er I mean ex-husbands as well.

Of late however I have discovered the real reason… its called Femenomics. Femenomics became the actual rules for all law, business and finances in the U.S. sometime after the Reagan era. I am betting it was slipped through congress during Clinton’s time in office when the democrats had a majority while ol’ Bill was too busy sizing up fat chicks with tobacco products to notice, I am sure Hillary had something to do with it but I digress.

Anyway Femenomics fits nicely these days with Femonys. A Femony is a felony commited by a woman or women. The cool thing about a Femony is that the women convicted of one, or even multiple ones, gets to serve approximately one tenth of the penalty or prison time of a man who was convicted of a similar felony. In this way women can steal, assault, lie, commit fraud, murder, child abuse or whatever they like and often times get away with it for free, in some cases they can even manage to get lawyers to defend them for free just for being women. Ok so more on Femony later back to Femenomics.

You see in Femenomics women start getting alimony and/or child support the minute they file for divorce, along with everything else. In Femenomics the women continue to get this support even after they lie about their monthly expenditures, put their new three DUI getting boyfriends on their car insurance and run up 20K in credit card debt. In fact in Femenomics they get more money from the ATM….er I mean ex husbands if they do these things.

In reverse Femenomics which effect men like say me, who three years ago saved his son from the mothers second live in, cocaine dealing, alcoholic, child abuser, boyfriend, only to face kidnapping charges (dropped), assault charges (also dropped) and then thousands of dollars of legal bills to finally get custody of said son. Only then to find out that Femenomics means that for three years no one makes the female pay a friggin dime. In fact in Femenomics the woman still claims said child on her income tax and no one does a thing about it, but thats ok when they finally do she will fall under the Femony laws and more than likely the Ex-husband will have to pay the IRS back.

Yes in Femenomics the man pays from day one, social services is there with the government hand out the minute the woman files papers. If social services cannot find the guy well the bill keeps adding up, but in Femenomics they don’t even look for the deadbeat mom…wait in Femenomics they are called pro-choice moms only men are called dead beats. Yes in Femenomics the women get free lawyers, free child support enforcement, free summons, and free support all provided by the State or Federal government free of charge. Men get to save for years to hire their own lawyer and be constantly told there is nothing social services can do for them. In Femenomics coupled with Femony law, social services claim they cannot find the pro-choice mother even when she has been convicted of Femony bank fraud and they claim the bill does not even start to accumulate until they do find dead…er pro-choice mom.

Yep Femenomics is the wave of the future fellas. Sometime down the road I will explain how Femenomics touches on education, business and home loans and government bids but I think the child support enforcement code is enough for tonight.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Men's Health

So after the last oh twenty years or so of focus being completely on women's health, women's issues, women's victimization etc.etc.etc. Men finally get a bone thrown to them...maybe.
U.S. Reps Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Barron Hill (D - IND) have introduced HR 2115 "Men and family health care act of 2009"
I can only say its about time.
I guess the feminabishes have always been ok with men dying 4 to 10 years earlier than women (one reason womens real wealth in the US is like double what men have on average... more on that down the road). I am sure they are fine with the fact that more men are diagnosed with cancer than women each year, and of course suffer more from mental depression and suicide. All of that was of no concern to the feminist equality for all "as long as they are female" theme.
Even the company I work for opened up an employee health clinic that catered almost totally to female issues in testing, preventive care etc. Why shouldn't they though the U.S. Government has been spending billions more each year on women over men's health so I assume in the new world order of government run business that companies must follow suit.
Lets hope this is the beginning of a turn around and I urge you to write to your local congress-person and let them know how much you support this bill. With luck you will be writing your State Senator next!!!