Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is this a sign of a new tide?

Recently I got involved in a discussion on rape in European countries and how the men of those countries do not seem to want to defend the native women who are the victims of said rape by mostly Muslim men.

Of course my call was that just like in America the native white men had been brow beaten and mis-used by feminism for so long now that they no longer cared. As this discussion grew at least one woman defended feminism but mentioning that the political arm of the movement...

"No longer represented or cared about white middle class women in America"

This statement made me wonder if this is a growing feeling among women and more importantly white women.

Unfortunately feminism has become so attached to affirmative action, illegal immigration, quotas and other areas that race and feminism cannot be separated anymore. Any gains feminism makes has always and will always be at the expense of white men and therefore must at some point begin hurting white women as well.

By the end of the discussion I think maybe the woman, who was very race positive, began to see just how feminism was not only hurting her but all men close to her and by and large bringing an entire race down.

Lately I have begun to notice more conservative and Male friendly women taking the spot light. Is this a sign? Could this also be a reason for the large following women like Sara Palin and Michelle Bauman seem to be getting?

Maybe it is time we as men start reaching out more to women in general and find others that are starting to see what devastation the feminist movement has wrought.


  1. Maybe it is time we as men start reaching out more to women in general and find others that are starting to see what devastation the feminist movement has wrought.

    Perhaps, but I think our best bet is simply to defend the truth as best we can and stay out of the blast radius. Women who have the desire to look into feminism more and the brains to understand what it's about will come to their own conclusions. I don't see a need to waste time engaging in shouting matches with the others just to see how many shaming tactics they can drop.

  2. Good point Jesse.

    My question is more along the lines of whether what this woman claims is true. If the leaders of the feminist political arm have left the middle class white females behind then perhaps they maybe more open to the truth now.

  3. "Any gains feminism makes has always and will always be at the expense of white men "

    I would agree with this to a point...feminism is at the expense of white men first, but it will affect blacks and other Hispanic males to a lesser extent.

  4. I had long thought that myself EW, but I don't see much hitting the minority men like it does the white guys.

    Sexual harrassment charges seem to only ever be leveled against whites at least where I work and the minorites seem to be the only men who get promoted.

    I have even known a few hispanics who after they started getting hit with child support just went back across the border and waited it out. Not to mention those who were on fake social security numbers to begin with.

    The white men who follow laws and have no where else to go are the ones who get hit consistantly.

  5. I think we should be strategic about this, these Women can indeed spread the truth and help our cause greatly.

    But they are not the key, they are not the schema to rely on to win. Unfortunately, they are mercenaries.

    Mercenaries are bought and paid for, and for the last 40 or so years, all these Women were rewarded by feminism, and thus they supported it. Their current biff with feminism is that it's starting to bite them in the back, how quickly do you think these Women would turn on us when they start "getting paid" again?

    We have true Women allies, but... and I love saying this in this instance "Not all Women are like that!".

    In fact, I just don't know just how many Women really WOULD be on the side of Truth and Justice.

    (disclaimer: yadda yadda yadda, can't trust all Men either, but they're more likely to see the truth, etc...)

  6. There has always been a very strong class element to second wave and later feminism. For the most part, these feminists were upper middle class and higher: Steinem, Friedan, Mackinnon, Brownmiller, Morgan, Dworkin, Wolf, etc. They are mostly highly-educated upper middle class whites women. The issues that obsess them (glass ceiling, lack of female CEOs, women in STEM academia, etc.) are things that average women do not care about, for the most part. Average white women do not like seeing their brothers, sons and husbands passed over in favor of their female/black/latino colleagues, their sons being miseducated in feminized schools and so on. There *is* a large number of women out there who are alienated by contemporary feminism. They just generally aren't the highly-educated, empowered, single, urban women between 20 and 35. The latter is the core support of feminism -- highly educated mostly white women. Beyond that demographic, we can find a lot of women as allies. Again, they are not the kinds who we meet in cities like LA or DC -- these places are ruined, because they are filled with entitlement materialist feminists. But elsewhere things are different, to some degree.

  7. I believe your right Nova.

    But event hese women get a little offended when you denounce feminist as a whole. Like your also attacking them as well.