Thursday, September 3, 2009

Femenomics - Short term lies to come

I read an AP article this morning on Joe (ManginaExtreme) Biden and the stimulus package.
All I can say about Biden is that in my estimation since the death of "Teddy" ol' Joe gets my vote for the greatest gender traitor and Man-enemy number one.
His quote:
"The recovery act has played a significant role in changing the trajectory of our economy, and changing the conversation in this country," Biden said. "Instead of talking about the beginning of a depression, we are talking about the end of a recession."
He goes on to give yet another bogus number of some 750,000 jobs saved since the stimulus package was passed overall.

This fits in with my coming prediction for the Winter of 2009 -2010.

The Progressives in power will lie and manipulate the numbers to support their cause on health care and the stimulus. We are going to see a huge media blitz this fall on how the recession is fading. Will the stock market buy into this? I cannot tell right now but as people run out of benefits for un-employment those numbers will be brandished to show un-employment is dropping when in fact it will still be rising. They have already used this tactic in prior months. Consumer spending is tricky but in fact will rise slightly for the next few months due to students returning to school and individual educational spending that although government funded counts as consumer spending.
Any jobs claimed to be "saved" or created by the stimulus bill will be in education, infra-structure and public funded "charity" programs like DV shelters etc. Just as women's special interest groups planned, this will in fact shore up the bulk of female dominated areas for the Winter and into 2010 but it will not ease the un-employment of the group hardest hit by the He-cession and will not bring in more tax revenues for 2009.

This is Femenomics at it highest macro level. The one hope it has is that female consumer spending and the female dominated housing sales will again lift construction and manufacturing. It won't.

Instead of spending money at the base which has supported female dominated institutions and the female consumer economy they elected to replace the base that creates the wealth with a pool that can only run dry and then start spending out of this pool at such a rate that it will not last. To further damage any chance of a recovery what portion of the stimulus that is going to construction type areas is earmarked Green jobs which is just another way of saying is going to create jobs for minorities.

As I predict look for alot of media reporting from NBC, CBS, ABC, and the left leaning newspapers/web sites on how the American economy is improving. Using these headlines the dems will pass the healthcare bill they want and more than likely the Cap and Trade bill through the Senate. They are already making announcements on how the town hall meetings showed more support for health care reform than against it.

Early next year we will again hit a major tax budget problem and by election time the census manipulation will void out any anger voting by the American majority.
Fall of 2010 will be the true boiling point. People understand there isn't much they can do now but once they see that they can still do nothing in 2010 which direction will they go?


  1. Re: 2010. I think the first thing they'll do is bring the hammer on the governing party in the mid-term elections.

    Not that I'm sanguine about what's going on. The mid-terms won't stop much of anything, and the tax-and-borrow-and-spend Keynesian roulette that our government practices will continue until it can't continue anymore.

    Didja see that article by Sailer, where he correctly skewers women for their part in starting the recession?

  2. No I haven't. I must go and find this article.

  3. Interesting Sailer just did a blog on sub-prime loans and came to almost the same conclusions as I did a few months ago.

    Hmmmm I must read this guy more.