Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is this the lag indicator for women?

As the school year begins the full amount of budget cuts will now hit home for female dominated segments of the American workforce. Yes we have already seen cuts and protests against government shut downs (another female dominated part of our workforce). Yet most of the big money cuts in the States which were really in the red were made in prisons and education.

Here is an article about Georgia's educational cuts:

California's cuts were worse than Georgia's and other states are following. Of course unlike the private sector cuts to construction (you remember the segment of the economy that Obama refuses to give stimulus money to) these mostly female dominated (mostly is an understatement) and tax payer funded institutions will not be laid off, just given some leave without pay.
I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest the start of this school year is the actual beginnings of real change in American society. Until now the female portion of the U.S. has not really been hit with the full ramifications of this He-cession but now this will begin to set in.

Once government and education start feeling the pinch of real money hits it's all down hill. This recession cannot begin to be over until industry and jobs pick up. Most government economist like to say un-employment is a lagging indicator but that has only been a rule with past recessions. What we are seeing today is a recession unlike anything ever seen before. A recession that started because the backs of the real working class of society could no longer support the service only entitlement of feminism.
The final straw which sealed our fate to this economic mess was the outright "theft" by feminist special interest groups of the money which may have pulled us out of the downward spiral we are in.

The question is which way will the change go?

Will Obama cave to the feminist and other progressives and continue printing money to pander to their special interest spending or will it all collapse under it's own weight? Will American society see the danger and rid the president of his house majority? Even if we manage to put the brakes on this spending we still risk massive inflation within the next two years.
Either direction we go I have hopes that now is the time when women will wake up and see what feminism has produced. The smart ones have already seen it but now we may see a more widespread acknowledgement of it.

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  1. Beltain,

    Agree with your thesis. When women start getting hit, then the media will finally pick up and take notice.

    As to your questions:
    1) Obama print money? Yes, as long as the Chinese are still buying our debt, the gummint will continue to feed the debt money monster. Only when the Chinese stop will the day of reckoning arrive.
    2) Collapse under its own weight? Yes again. The fembot lobby is too powerful for the gov't to oppose directly by cuts. The beast will have to die before the feminist tick will dislodge.
    3) Will the people finally see and vote accordingly? Maybe. Recall that the Left and their media mouthpieces (Newsweek, MSNBC) are hard at work painting us as crazed violent right wingers for disliking out-of-control gov't spending, liking state's rights, and wearing guns in the open. Most Americans don't turn their brains on to witness just how they're being controlled.

    Most women are so steeped in feminist mythology and so stuck on their "rights" that they'll pull a Slim Pickens and ride the bomb down to impact.

    As for me, I'm working on getting 100% debt-free before the other shoe drops.