Thursday, September 10, 2009

The first round of lies is out

Just as I predicted (ok I admit it didn't take a huge brain or anything but damn let me flex some)

The first round of the up-coming Obama bait and switch economy lies have started.

1. Major media Obamaphile sources will start proclaiming the He-cession is ending and the economy is on the rise.

"Domestic demand has picked up now that we have shifted from recession to recovery," Bernard Baumohl, chief economist for the Global Outlook Group, said in a note to clients.

2. The obama-nation will start wildly claiming massive job creation and/or saved jobs.

Because the economy declined less than expected in recent months, the White House said that translated to about one million jobs that would have been lost without government efforts. The report attributes much of this to the stimulus but conceded it is difficult to say for certain which of the many government economic policies contributed to the estimate.

Hmmmm 1 million jobs huh? But the stimulus wasn't for white male construction workers who are the ones mostly out of work. So who did it go to?

Well I haven't seen any new jobs but I am betting there are more than a few teachers and bored government workers tired of doing their nails that are thankful for the stimulus.

Next step is passing of a health care bill which includes abortion coverage, minority preference for treatment, elective and non-emergency care and coverage for illegals (unless they are all made legal which is just as likely) and reduced availability of health care for seniors. Also either a public option or a trick that will eventually lead to one.

I believe the countdown has started but we shall see.

450 days more or less.

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  1. They are still running under the impression that you can end a recession by raising consumer confidence(I.E. make people think they should buy more). They are wrong. You can end recession by getting consumers to buy stuff on credit thus pulling demand for good forward. This has been done multiple times since the late 70s.

    But the card is maxed out, the consumer can't barrow anymore, we can't pull anymore credit forward (at least not enough). It's now time to pay the piper.