Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's all our fault guys

Well according to this author anyway.

You see the current recession was caused totally by men, and of course as we have seen in hundreds of main stream media outlets that creates the call to get more women into the financial sector.

And when the economy comes crumbling down, crashing under the weight of the imploding financial sector ... that’s right – I blame men.

Had women been holding the reins of the financial sector, rather than men, would we find ourselves in the current predicament?

Ahhhh hey.... you.... Feminist bitch... women do hold the reins for all the money spent on useless welfare and financially crippling legislation.

I could tear this fluff headed entitlement princess' article to shreds but happily there is no need.

All you have to do is read the few comments a no talent feminist hack like her generates to get all the debunking you could ever want.


  1. Status-crazed women probably drove the insane demand for McMansions and granite countertops.

    Money and chicks just don't mix.

  2. As long as Alimony exists in law, women have no moral basis to demand leadership in any business sector, much less in Finance.

    You are either helpless little dearies or you are not. You can't be both.