Sunday, September 20, 2009

LOL Women love a nice guy with a little thug in them

What a piece of steaming feminist crap this article from the Examiner is:

Now I won't knock the Examiner they have some pretty good articles from time to time and haven't seemed to far feminist leaning in the past, but what kind of horse shit is this:

All women have a little bad girl inside that would, with the right motivation and encouragement, love to break free. A woman needs a man who can complement that side of her.
And no, the opposite of a "too nice" guy does not have to be a straight thug. It's frustrating that nice guys tend to see the world in such black and white, polar opposite ways. In reality, there is a whole range of men in between the two extremes… in the gray area.

So get this right gentlemen your suppose to read the little slut's mind now and know what she wants at that particular moment.

It doesn't matter that she has the job you were more qualified for, or that she can have you arrested with a little story and a fake tear. No. Your suppose to overcome all this and light her spark by being confident and walking the edge.

Well Bitch I got an edge for ya and I hope you fall off.

Women want a versatile, confident and secure man that can handle himself on the basketball court, in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Women love a mature man, appreciative of family, respectful of women, children, people, and life. Women want a guy with intelligence and education, balanced with common sense and street smarts.

I hope this woman will be satisfied with a few of those points missing since their beloved feminism is keeping men out of the boardroom, the Universities and off the basketball court to pay their child support.

I think it is fitting that women cannot even see they are making what they claim to want an endangered creature. Of course what they claim to want today is never the same as what it will be tomorrow anyway.


  1. Of course what they claim to want today is never the same as what it will be tomorrow anyway.

    That ain't NO shit! Because of that, I found it easier to give up, and let women satisfy each other...

  2. You also neglect the solution that not all those attributes have to be in the same man.

    One for "earning power", another for bad boy sex.
    One for stability, a different one to make her "feel young".

    Women can have it all. Al long as they have enough men to collectively give it to them.

  3. I'm still looking for the truly nice guy who thinks I'm really great. Still looking...

  4. The author mentions "street smarts" as a euphemism for that thuggish side of life. Do you know what real street smarts are? Being knowledgeable of a scam, or knowing when something is too good to be true. It also incorporates the wisdom to stay away at all costs. In a shorter, and unfortunately uglier term:


    I distrust any and all articles that speak of what a man should be in order to please women. I distrust so-called "exclusive" web sites that offer dubious services and ask for a credit card for age verification. I distrust job offers that promise the world and deliver nothing.

    Street smarts are not the abilities to take risks. It's also about being smart enough to see the risks that compromise your well-being.

  5. He's out there, SavvyD. The things that are truly worthwhile and last a lifetime might take a lifetime to find.